Is a virtuous craftsmanship made in México, sipped pure or in a cocktail. Mezcal is derived from aged Maguey (common term for Agave).
​BRUXO Mezcal is an alternative for any occasion. A merging affinity with growing enthusiasts. It is a shared wisdom, made in real places with real people.
​We come together from distinct social, cultural backgrounds around the world. We stay true to our values and we move boldly into tomorrow.
Each Maguey is unique, producing a distinctive Mezcal flavor. Maguey is ready for harvest anywhere between 6 to 15 years. The iconic maguey for BRUXO are: Espadín, Barril, Cuishe and Tobalá.

Bruxo 1 Espadin
Bruxo 2 Pechuga
Bruxo 3 Barril
Bruxo 4 Blend
Bruxo 5 Tobala