The Canasteros family dates back to Andalusia, between Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, which give the origin story to the special Spanish sherry cask finish of the Canasteros rum. The sugar cane juice is fermented with previously selected yeasts and the alcohol extracted is continuously distilled with virgin honey and molasses. The water added is coming from the green mountains east of Cordilleras de las Palmas at 2800 meter altitude. It’s the American Oak Barrels with Columbian climate, temperature, height and humidity that influence the aging of Ron Canasteros

  • 8YR RUM: you can admire a soft wood color with touches of amber. An intense smell of tobacco and leather. On the palate you will enjoy flavors of fruits and honeys with notes of fresh wood, coffee and finally tobacco.
    Canasteros 8 Y – 2018 SF Spirits Silver Medal Winner
  • 15YR RUM:has an intense dark amber color; for smell, it has sweet aromas, cherry, caramel and vanilla; soft feeling in the mouth, caramel, maple with notes of wood and in the end a strong sensation of dark chocolate and coffee.
    Canasteros 15 Y – 2018 SF Spirits Gold Medal Winner
  • 21YR RUM: in sight you will find a deep and noble mahogany color with dark golden shades. It has a scent of honey, coffee, caramel, dark chocolate and a marked smell of oak. When you taste it, you will find soft sensations of white chocolate, delicate notes of coffee, dark chocolate and a perfect balance of strong and soft flavors, which only oak gives.
    Canasteros 21 Y – 2018 SF Spirits Gold Medal Winner