De Borgen produces and bottles its spirits at Hooghoudt, a small family distillery in the north of The Netherlands. Established in 1888, Hooghoudt is renowed for its centuries-old tradition of capturing flavors from herbs, spices and fruit to create high-quality drinks that keep our typical Dutch flavors alive.
Hooghoudt uses both traditional an innovative techniques to distill small batches of the finest spirits. The uniqueness of their genevers comes from the way they experiment with malt spirit for a deep layered grainy taste, juniper berries and other botanicals, and aging of their malt spirit in sherry oloroso casks. It is the connection of those three elements that builds the profound character of each of their spirits.

De Borgen New Style Gin
De Borgen Old Style Genever
De Borgen Malt Genever Cask Finished