Ron Colon Salvadoreno

It all started on a trip through Latin America. We didn’t really know what to expect and we certainly never thought one small, raw country would blow our minds as much as it did. But that’s exactly what happened and that’s why we’re here now, introducing Ron Colon to the world.

Ron Colon, cold coffee infused rum, is our nod to El Salvador’s culture and the vessel to start our very own journey: from vibrant yet humble inspiration in the streets and surrounding farmland of San Salvador, to bar tops all around the world. The essence? A high-quality spirit with ambitions of flavour that reach as high as the altitude our coffee is harvested.

The vision? Creating the perfect blend of flavours, inspiring us and our fellow bartenders to create new rituals and cocktails centered around an entirely new take on rum. Because who doesn’t want to experience some surprise every now and then?

We were fascinated by this place that produces some of the finest sugar cane and coffee in the world. As bartenders, the thought of combining these top-notch ingredients with the rich flavour of rum blew our minds. And if it blows ours, we think it may just blow yours too.