THE QUIET MAN is a premium spirit for the modern day whiskey drinker.

Matured in first fill bourbon barrels for a perfect mellow smoothness, our whiskey is the ultimate tribute to the unique gentleman behind the bottle

  • Bourbon Finish: Matured in first fill Bourbon barrels for a soft smooth finish
  • Triple Distilled: Triple distilled in traditional Irish whiskey pot stills
  • More Malt: Our blended whiskey is made with 20% Single Malt for a smoother finish

Expertly distilled in small batches and matured in first fill Bourbon casks of American Oak, our whiskies are mellow and ultra-smooth.

At the moment we are maturing whiskeys which we have bought off the still from other distilleries, but everything we do, we do with pride and honesty and when the whiskey comes off our own stills in 2020, we will continue the same way.


  • Blended
  • 8 year old
  • 12 year old